High Intensity Training Can Reverse Aging Process in Adults

 |  18th Apr 2017  |  Filed under Uncategorized

From several authors at the Mayo Clinic, including Bob Nellis states, 
High-intensity intervals also improved muscle protein content that not only enhanced energetic functions, but also caused muscle enlargement, especially in older adults. The researchers emphasized an important finding: Exercise training significantly enhanced the cellular machinery responsible for making new proteins. That…

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More Employers Use Workplace Wellness Programs

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As Matt Dunning of BusinessInsurance.com details in his recent article, Twenty-three percent of large employers polled in a survey released in December by Mercer L.L.C. said their wellness programs include incentives tied to an employee’s achieving — or at least demonstrating progress toward — a certain health status or biometric reading, up from 20% in 2013.…

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