The Science of How Strength Training Keeps You Young

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In an article by Ali Eaves, originally published in Men’s Health states the secret to a longer life may be a barbell: Strength training as you age reduces your risk for death, according to a new study from Penn State College of Medicine. Researchers surveyed people age 65 or older about their exercise habits and then tracked them for 15 years. Strength training can keep you active and independent in your golden years, says study author Jennifer Kraschnewski, M.D. Not only does it strengthen your muscles, resulting in better stamina and balance, but it also increases your bone density. Together, those factors reduce your risk for falls and fractures—major causes of disability for older people. Plus, you’ll burn more calories throughout the day just by having more muscle mass on your frame, which helps you maintain a healthy weight, Dr. Kraschnewski says.

At TITUS, we take a balanced approach to our training programs. We incorporate resistance training in all of our programming. Some of the benefits of training with TITUS include; Improvements in total body flexibility, strength, muscle tone, endurance, bone density, blood cholesterol, glucose metabolism and a reduction in blood pressure. As well as, increased lean body mass  a decrease in body fat composition, stamina, energy, self motivation and daily productivity. Our training has also been shown to reduce low back and arthritic pain and it will lower risk of obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Read more from Ali Eaves and why lifting weights is important for aging populations here 



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