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The Oppenheimer Group, a more than 150-year-old international fresh produce procurement and distribution company, has provided its employees at their Wilmington, DE offices with no ordinary lunch break. Beginning last spring, Oppenheimer gave their employees the option to work out over their lunch hour as part of the Titus Work Strong program – a program designed to afford fitness and wellness solutions to employers looking to improve general health and workforce productivity and mitigate worker compensation claims.  Most employer groups address wellness through communication campaigns, while Oppenheimer has elected to invest in a results-based, physical intervention program.

Since their program’s commencement, the Oppenheimer team has been working hard under the Work Strong program twice a week. The employees train in a small group setting which helps build camaraderie, creates more “energy,” a more enjoyable training environment, higher effort levels, and a greater likelihood for adherence to the program.  Even with various fitness and age levels training together, the Work Strong staff designs programs that can be modified for any individual to maximize results.

Equipped with expertise, enthusiasm and a progressive training system, the Titus Work Strong program focuses on the physical qualities of strength, endurance, and mobility/flexibility, through a combination of strength training and moderate intensity aerobic exercises. Oppenheimer participants look to continue to get stronger, more conditioned, increase post-exercise metabolism and improve overall health and body composition.

The Oppenheimer Group Titus Sports Academy

To date, improvements made by Oppenheimer participants include:

  • 4% improvement of Ab Circumference: Lowering the risk of Diabetes and cardio-vascular disease
  • 10% improvement of Grip Strength: Improvement in overall body strength
  • 8.5% improvement of 60 YD Shuttle Run: Indication of balance, body control and stability
  • 10.5% improvement of the 300 YD Shuttle Run: Measure of overall cardio-vascular health
  • 28% improvement in the 1:00 Sit-up Test: Improvement in core strength and muscular endurance

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