Work Strong – Health Management Solution

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Chronic diseases are responsible for more than 75 percent of the nation’s $2.5 trillion in healthcare expenditures, with obesity alone responsible for more than $123 billion.  Obese individuals’ medical costs are 42% higher per year than normal weight individuals.  These rising medical costs are driving employers out of the health benefits market and shifting costs to employees.

While employer wellness programs have increased in recent years, there are few employers who implement programs that are likely to make a meaningful difference in their employees’ health.  Needed is a customized, integrated, comprehensive, diversified program strongly linked to a firm’s business strategy and strongly championed by senior leadership and managers throughout the company.  WORK STRONG® can provide this.

Based on the principles of elite-sports performance training, the WORK STRONG® intervention can be delivered in any location, including the worksite.  WORK STRONG® elicits a train-the-trainer model to deliver moderate-to-vigorous levels of activity and supports a naturally progressive approach to physical development. The program’s nutrition solution employs the science of “within-day” energy balance to ensure proper caloric and nutrient distribution throughout the day.

With a three-phase implementation program, phase I consists of both a business and insurance assessment, as well as a program introduction with on-site demonstrations.  Phase II consists of plan design, financial analysis, as well as program logistics.  Finally, phase III works on communication strategies as well as implementation.  Finally, phase III concludes with the program launch for your company!

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