The Florida Public Safety Institute Partners with Titus

 |  29th Feb 2012  |  Filed under Success Stories

The Florida Public Safety Institute, located in Tallahassee, Florida has the largest campus of any criminal justice academy in Florida. With highly recruited graduates completing their training here, Titus is honored to assist in the physical training of the students. We caught up with Bill Bierbaum, FPSI’s Director of…

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The Belvedere Fire Company

 |  4th Jan 2012  |  Filed under Success Stories

Public safety is more than an occupation, it is a fight for survival; a marathon of career related dangers. But for the Belvedere Fire Company, it is nothing but a mere call of duty. The Wilmington, Delaware based fire company is a long time participant of the Titus PROTECTORS program where they train to enhance on-the-job performance.

The Belvedere Fire Company embarked in this elite-level…

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