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The Belvedere Fire Company

 |  4th Jan 2012  |  Filed under Success Stories

Public safety is more than an occupation, it is a fight for survival; a marathon of career related dangers. But for the Belvedere Fire Company, it is nothing but a mere call of duty. The Wilmington, Delaware based fire company is a long time participant of the Titus PROTECTORS program where they train to enhance on-the-job performance.

The Belvedere Fire Company embarked in this elite-level…

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Wilmington Fire Recruits

 |  10th Aug 2011  |  Filed under Uncategorized

Wilmington Fire recruits are in the midst of 12 weeks of training for a broad array of emergency services such as firefighting operations, emergency medical treatment, water rescue operations and hazardous-materials incidents. Upon graduation in September, the recruits will be ProBoard Certified firefighters and nationally registered emergency medical technicians. TITUS Sports Delaware was…

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Protectors Program Execution

 |  18th Jul 2011  |  Filed under Uncategorized

Studies show that more police and firefighters die from heart attacks than from any external danger of the job. Our expertise, enthusiasm and progressive training system will focus on the physical qualities of strength, endurance, and mobility/flexibility, while improving overall health and body composition in each individual.  We primarily use dumbbell and free weight exercises to deliver a…

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