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The Florida Public Safety Institute, located in Tallahassee, Florida has the largest campus of any criminal justice academy in Florida. With highly recruited graduates completing their training here, Titus is honored to assist in the physical training of the students. We caught up with Bill Bierbaum, FPSI’s Director of Certificate Programs, to discuss how their partnership with Titus has helped develop students’ mental and physical abilities and prepare them for a law enforcement career.

The partnership between the Criminal Justice Academy and Titus began with Bierbaum’s search for professionals that could go beyond what the average fitness trainer could accomplish. Participants must be able to go above and beyond the call of duty, and should have the ability to participate in defensive and high liability tactics. The Director was aware of a local resource that could specialize in physical training tailored for this occupation. With a focus on the criminal justice profession, Titus was able to create curriculum that produced strong candidates for hire.

Roy Bedard, Titus SME, describes Protectors as a “unique fitness training program that is created based on what the customer needs.” These programs are created from the ground up initially using a Job Task Analysis in which the profession’s job skills are studied and the necessary physical and mental capabilities are identified. This analysis serves the idea that there are certain functional abilities these professionals need to posses including aerobic abilities, tendon and ligament strengthening, nutrition, sleep and wellness. All aspects of physical readiness and healthy living are integrated into the programs so that not only the Protectors benefit from the knowledge and training that Titus offers, but also the communities in which they serve.

As students enter into the Criminal Justice Academy their physical abilities vary. Some are highly prepared and have been training for months, while others enter without having any prior fitness training. This range of physical ability could create roadblocks for group training, however Titus has successfully created programs for the Academy that challenges all its participants. Initially, there are goals that are set for each person. Once goals are established, students have their health evaluated and a focus is placed on what improvements can be made.

In addition to training students for their entrance into the criminal justice field, Titus has also partnered with the Institute to establish a continual education platform.  This ongoing education provides critical information on their general health and physical readiness, and provides tactics that can be implemented to maintain a high level state of physical readiness.  Both proper training and optimal nutrition  techniques are provided on a regular basis.

When asked if the Institute would recommend Titus to similar educational facilities like theirs, Bierbaum didn’t hesitate to say he would. Titus is on his list of high recommendations for students and his organization is very happy with Titus and the results they’ve achieved. He appreciates the motivation of the staff and their positive attitudes.

Titus is extremely proud to have worked with the Florida Public Safety Institute, and to have trained numerous candidates who are now serving the community within the Criminal Justice field. To learn more about the Protectors program, and how Titus can help your public service organization be at optimal health, visit the Protectors homepage!

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