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Public safety is more than an occupation, it is a fight for survival; a marathon of career related dangers. But for the Belvedere Fire Company, it is nothing but a mere call of duty. The Wilmington, Delaware based fire company is a long time participant of the Titus PROTECTORS program where they train to enhance on-the-job performance.

The Belvedere Fire Company embarked in this elite-level program designed for the public safety and military sectors to achieve optimal health and mission readiness. Through the PROTECTORS program, BFC managed to challenge their bodies and develop their minds for overall fitness levels that optimized their job performance.

We recently caught up with Belvedere Fire Company Chief, Vaughn Rider, to find out what is has been like for them to go through the PROTECTORS program and how they have been able to manage critical incidents while conducting daily field operations at optimal levels.

Due to Chief Rider’s vision of developing a long-term program for his team of firefighters, the team has achieved outstanding levels of fitness and overall mental readiness.

TSA: What does occupational fitness mean to you and your team?

BFC: Occupational fitness means a lot to our team. It means developing our minds and bodies to unparalleled levels in order to do our job right – in order to save lives. It also fosters an environment that reinforces team work and brings much needed camaraderie into daily field operations.

TSA: How has the Titus PROTECTORS program helped your team achieve physical fitness for optimum job related performance?

BFC: As people know, being a firefighter is a very dangerous job. If you’re not at a high level of fitness it is likely that you’ll either hurt yourself or hurt someone else. Titus has brought a physical fitness element to each individual by tailoring our workouts to mimic the fast paced atmosphere we are in while fighting fire and doing other dangerous jobs. It’s impressive because you can actually feel and see the results of the workout, especially when you’re in the middle of a job, i.e. fighting a fire, and others are lagging while you and your crew are still going strong. It’s simply amazing and rewarding.

TSA: What is a typical training session with Titus Protectors like? How often does your team train?

BFC: The typical training session with Titus is both challenging and fun. The coaches are tremendously knowledgeable in their skill set. We train three days a week for two hours in the firehouse and sometimes at the Titus facility. A training session is primarily focused on refining motor skills, preventing job related injuries, gaining physical versatility and coordinating and achieving health and high level performance.

TSA: As a firefighter, mental health is a crucial ingredient to optimum performance, how does Titus Protectors aid you and your team in developing mental preparedness?

BFC: Mental health is a very important aspect to our daily job. If you aren’t mentally strong, you will have a long career in freighting. Often times, the workouts that Titus develops are exceedingly challenging and become nearly impossible to get through.  However, the coaches are skilled to help us do our best and get us through the workout. The same thing happens when we’re out battling a fire and we think for a moment that there is no way to get through it. But with the help of the PROTECTORS program, we’re able to fight through the mental clout.

TSA: What real life success stories have you experienced as a result of training with Titus Protectors?

BFC:  For me personally my health has changed greatly. I had relatively high cholesterol, and fitness was not my forte. In fact, I recently finished running the physical fitness portion of our last recruit academy with the Wilmington Fire Department. If it wasn’t for the PROTECTORS program, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the academy. Additionally, on-the-job performance has improved for our team as a whole. We’ve been able to do our job better than ever and that’s tough to do when you’re fighting fires.

The road to optimal physical fitness is ongoing. To continuously develop and maintain a dynamic level of strength, stability, mental preparedness, and health is not easy and often times hard on the body. But with the help of the PROTECTORS program, we have been able to improve not only the lives of our team members, but the lives of those we fight for.

*The PROTECTORS program was fully reimbursed by the BFC insurance carrier.

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