Protectors Program Execution

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Studies show that more police and firefighters die from heart attacks than from any external danger of the job. Our expertise, enthusiasm and progressive training system will focus on the physical qualities of strength, endurance, and mobility/flexibility, while improving overall health and body composition in each individual.  We primarily use dumbbell and free weight exercises to deliver a combination of light resistance and locomotive cardiovascular exercises.  Through a combination of strength training and moderate intensity aerobic exercise, the heart rate increases several times (interval training) and participants will get stronger, more conditioned, leaner, build an increased post-exercise metabolism and improve overall health.

The exercise and movement selection used includes:

  • Locomotive cardiovascular exercises (i.e. skipping, shuffling, carioca, backpedal) are used to train the muscles and joints of the legs at different angles to avoid overuse injuries and imbalances in the hip/knee/ankle that often occur with just running or biking. These exercises challenge one’s balance and coordination and increase caloric burn.
  • Compound free weight exercises (i.e. squats, lunges, power lifts) load the hip and spine to improve the strength, stability, and bone mass which aid in the prevention of fractures/falls/injuries/osteoporosis.
  • Compound Multi-joint strength exercises target the hips, hamstrings and low back to improve strength and flexibility and avoid or reduce the occurrence of knee and low back pain.

After participation in our Protectors Program, participants should see improvements in their total body flexibility, strength, muscle tone, & endurance.  Additionally, they should experience an increase in bone density, blood cholesterol, glucose metabolism and a reduction in blood pressure.

There are many health benefits associated with our Protectors Program, they include:

  • Lowered risk of obesity, diabetes, stroke and heart disease
  • Increased lean body mass and a decrease in body fat composition
  • Reduced low back and arthritic pain
  • Improved stamina, energy, self motivation and daily productivity
  • Increased daily energy, vigor, efficiency, and productivity
  • Improved self-esteem, psychological well-being, and sleep patterns
  • Increase mental capacity/functioning and reduced stress levels

Our training is delivered in a small group setting which builds camaraderie, creates more “energy,” a more enjoyable training environment, higher effort levels, and a greater likelihood for adherence to the program.  Understanding that each agency has its own specific requirements, trainers conduct a Job Task Analysis to determine the best method for conditioning line personnel for specific job functions and tasks.  Participant age, gender, and level of fitness are considered when trainers are designing fitness programs and workout structure to maximize results.

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