Bishop Shanahan Leads The Way in High School Athletic Performance

Bishop Shanahan High School is relatively a new school in the area’s toughest athletic conference (Ches-Mont League). A private, Catholic co-educational secondary school of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Shanahan competes against several powerhouses from south eastern Pennsylvania. The Ches-Mont conference includes, Coatesville, Downingtown East and West, and West Chester Henderson and several other schools. The sheer size of these competing schools outnumber Shanahan students by several thousand.

On the athletic fields, Shanahan has always had their backs against the proverbial wall. In a few sports, Shanahan struggled against the competition from the bigger schools in the conference. Under the vision of the Athletic Director, coaches, administrators and the booster clubs,  Shanahan has transformed its athletic teams into perennial contenders across the board.

In 2010, Shanahan gave TITUS the opportunity to oversee their strength and conditioning program for football. At that time, the Eagles were limited to an “old school” training facility. The weight room was small, there were no performance platforms, squat racks were beat up and the dumbbells were worn down. The all grass field was beat up from overuse, mixed with the ever changing weather patterns of the area made it tough to compete at full potential. Shawn Hoffman, Director of Performance Training for TITUS, saw a promising group of athletes and culture created at Shanahan. “The student-athletes at Bishop Shanahan have been great to work with ever since we started. They are very coachable and posses a great work ethic, which means everything to their progress. Shanahan has created a culture for training, and to see the more experienced athletes helping and encouraging the others just raises the level they all can achieve.”

Over the course of the past couple years, Shanahan invested in their athletic facilities. They have completely remodeled the weight room. Brand new squat racks, dumbbells, solid oak platforms, and a new sound system had the teams buzzing and facilitated the desire to train harder. Shawn states the goal of TITUS Speed-Strength Training is to teach the methods and exercises necessary to bring out an athlete’s full performance potential and improve each athlete. The added space and additional equipment has allowed TITUS to bring a variety of exercises to help increase performance. “Our training system focuses on increasing an athlete’s total body explosiveness, ability to run faster, jump higher, throw further, increase change of direction efficiency and improve speed endurance. Training to be fast and explosive requires a high level of effort that is based on maximum focus and concentration. The weight room remodeling has helped increase our ability to deliver the highest possible service to these athletes.” TITUS has a balanced approach of athletic assessment, evaluation, and planning that gives all athletes the chance to improve their performance.

Just this past fall, stadium renovations brought in a new turf all-purpose field and a brand new track. These advancements in the performance training room and the athletic fields will help Shanahan compete in every sport for Ches-Mont championships. We are happy to be a part of the training programs for almost every team at Bishop Shanahan. Their understanding of being prime movers in athletic performance has helped pave the way for future generations of Shanahan athletes to compete at the highest possible level.





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