10 Rules of Eating To Win

 Dr. Dan Benardot elaborates on some key points of nutrition that are vital to success in athletes. By doing the right things nutritionally athletes can improve performance and live a healthier lifestyle. We take a look at those rules below;

Reality 1: Humans are amazingly effective fat manufacturing machines. Eat too much food, you make fat. Eat too little food, you lose muscle and make fat.

Reality 2: Humans are always finding ways to become more energy efficient. Exercise more and we eventually find a way to burn less energy to do this exercise.

Reality 3: ‘Weight’ is the wrong measure for virtually everything that it is commonly used for. It’s all about fat mass vs. fat-free (i.e., lean) mass.

Reality 4: Low calorie diets are doomed to fail. Adaptive thermogenesis leads to same weight on fewer calories, but the resultant weight has a higher fat mass and makes you look bigger. (Fat is less dense than lean.)

Reality 5: Very high doses of nutrients lead to lower tissue sensitivity and greater toxicity of these nutrients. More than enough is not better than enough.

Reality 6: There is no perfect food. People who continuously eat the same few foods because they believe these foods are ‘healthy’ are at risk of malnutrition. Food variety is key to health.

Reality 7: There are many ways to increase insulin and make more fat besides eating refined carbohydrates (i.e., sugar), including letting yourself get really hungry and/or eating large meals.

Reality 8: The body’s reaction to an inadequate caloric intake is to lower the tissue that needs calories: Lean Mass (…not fat mass). Meal skipping that results in a low energy balance makes you fat.

Reality 9: Young and old people can increase muscle mass at the same rate, but older people can lose it faster with poor activity/nutrition. Stay active and eat well.

Reality 10: For ideal weight & body composition, avoid big within-day energy balance surpluses & deficits. The calories IN and calories OUT paradigm only works if it is applied in real time (not just in 24 hour units.)


Excerpt From: Dan Benardot. “Nutrition for Serious Athletes:.” Benardot Nutrition, 2015. iBooks. https://itun.es/us/xNlg-.n


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