Quality Over Quantity Applies to Your Exercise, Diet Too

Posted in: Nutrition

Per a recent article in Science Daily, The clear benefits of a multi-dimensional exercise regimen that includes resistance exercise, interval sprint exercise, stretching (including yoga or pilates), endurance exercise, and moderate amounts of protein consumed regularly throughout the day have been demonstrated and reported by exercise scientists. If your goal is to lose weight and maintain optimal health and fitness, the quality of your exercise and diet regimen matters more than the quantity, they say. Exercise Scientist, Paul Arciero helps us understand the effects of the correct training regimen.

At TITUS our training principles, methods and techniques used for our professional and Olympic athletes are applied throughout all Titus programs. We develop each individual’s skills and athletic qualities – not just “train” them. Athletes will see improvements in their performance immediately; however, our training methods are designed with long-term results in mind.

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