TITUS Olympiad – Who is the Best of the Best?

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The Titus Olympiad has been in the making for over 3 years. With Titus’ constantly expanding markets, it has allowed us to officially launch a wide head-to-head competition between all markets in a quest to be crowned the most fit location across the east coast for the year. Our already self-motivated client base will be inspired beyond their personal expectations to carry their team to triumph for the inaugural 2014 Titus Sports Olympiad.

David Batka, Titus Sports COO, said he is ecstatic that it is finally happening. He mentioned, “The worst that can happen is everyone shows up for more workouts, and they get in a lot better shape, so it’s win-win for everyone!”

The Olympiad stems from Titus’ desire for clients to not just get a quality structured workout but to have the full “Titus experience” which comes from the feeling of being part of a team or family. Titus goes beyond the facility walls. We understand the type of commitment it takes for our clients to show up each and every week on a consistent basis and want to make themselves better. We know there are other options they could take other than showing up for workouts that frankly are not designed for their pleasure. We want to reward and fuel that further. So, we tell our clients, it is important to track their development with fitness testing in order to see progress for all the work they put in throughout the year.

Each TITUS site will compete to see who gets crowned “The best of the best”

The Titus Sports Olympiad kicked off on January 6th and lasted through April 12th.  It is a head-to-head competition between all the Titus Dynamic Fitness and Boot Camp Classes including the coaching staff.

The competition was based on an overall average score of improvement of all the participants from each location. Weighted improvement is based on each participant’s age at start of the program. The following categories were assessed:

-        Body Comp (percent body fat)

-        Sit and Reach (flexibility)

-        MB Toss (upper body power)

-        Vertical Jump/Broad Jump (lower body power)

-        300 YD Shuttle (cardiovascular endurance)

-        1:00 Push-up/Bench Press MAX (upper body strength)

-        1:00  Sit-up (muscular endurance)

-        60 YD Shuttle (agility)


The final results have been tallied, and here is how the leader board looks after the 1st annual TITUS Olympiad

1) Atlanta (42.99)
2) Orlando (41.01)
3) Delaware (33.64)
4) Tallahassee (17.45)
5) Jacksonville (16.85)

Most improved in each city…

TAL – Pam Jameson (138)
ATL – Lori Fiata (86.73)
ORL – Wendy Carter (77.98)
DEL – Jen Cathers (74.59)
JAX – Craig Pichanick (27.36)

So the overall individual winner is from Tallahassee, Pam Jameson!

Congrats to all who completed the 2014 Titus Olympiad! We thank you all for the hard work and dedication and letting us launch the Inaugural Titus Olympiad!
Atlanta, you have only 8 short months to enjoy the trophy, this is only the beginning! Train on!!!

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