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Resistance Training Is Proven To Burn Fat, Build Muscle

 |  29th Jun 2016  |  Filed under Basics of Training, Nutrition

In a recent article published by SELF magazine, they explore the benefits of resistance training. Weight loss is a primary goal for a large portion of the adult population in America and a resistance training program can achieve the results we are looking for.
MORE MUSCLE = HIGHER BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

Your BMR translates to how much energy your body will expend at rest. The higher the…

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Bishop Shanahan Leads The Way in High School Athletic Performance

 |  31st Mar 2016  |  Filed under Basics of Training, Success Stories

Bishop Shanahan High School is relatively a new school in the area’s toughest athletic conference (Ches-Mont League). A private, Catholic co-educational secondary school of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Shanahan competes against several powerhouses from south eastern Pennsylvania. The Ches-Mont conference includes, Coatesville, Downingtown East and West, and West Chester Henderson and…

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10 Rules of Eating To Win

 |  27th Jan 2016  |  Filed under Basics of Training, Nutrition

 Dr. Dan Benardot elaborates on some key points of nutrition that are vital to success in athletes. By doing the right things nutritionally athletes can improve performance and live a healthier lifestyle. We take a look at those rules below;

Reality 1: Humans are amazingly effective fat manufacturing machines. Eat too much food, you make fat. Eat too little food, you lose muscle and make…

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Titus Sports DE Alumni (Fall 2015)

 |  25th Aug 2015  |  Filed under Success Stories

Gaining an hour of sleep over the weekend may have refreshed a few of us for a day or two. But, more importantly, daylight savings and the beginning of November  marks crunch time going into fall playoffs in college athletics. We have been fortunate over the years for athletes in the tri-state area to believe in our programming. These athletes all come from different backgrounds but have…

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