The Champions Program

 |  23rd Aug 2011  |  Filed under Uncategorized

CHAMPIONS is a prevention-driven health and wellness program delivered to the public school student population, grades K-8. This comprehensive program is based on principles and techniques designed to improve gross motor skills, flexibility, posture, strength, balance and coordination using a long-term physical development approach to fitness and nutrition.  Modeled after collaborative,…

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Making A Stand Against Childhood Obesity

 |  18th Jul 2011  |  Filed under Uncategorized

You’ve seen it discussed on the news, on talk shows and in documentaries.  You’ve seen British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver launch a reality show to combat it, and you may even have heard first lady, Michelle Obama, call it “an epidemic… a public health crisis that is threatening our children, our families and, more importantly, the future of our nation.”

There’s no doubt about it, childhood…

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