Study on Benefits of CHAMPIONS vs. Traditional Physical education class

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Schools around the country are sending home letters to inform them of their child’s current obesity levels, yet many schools are not providing a way to fight these problems. However, TITUS has found success with its CHAMPIONS program. Results from the research study showed that the students’ BMI went down by 2 percent while the control group’s BMI did not change. The students were also tested on the PACER.  The PACER test assesses aerobic capacity, or the body’s ability to effectively use oxygen to endure exercise for a longer period of time.  Students that improve in the PACER improve their aerobic fitness which is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The study revealed that students in the CHAMPIONS program increased their amount of laps by 7 while the control group only increased by 2.  This increase is monumental!

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The program is based on principles and techniques designed to improve gross motor skills, flexibility, posture, strength, balance and coordination. It relies on a long-term physical development approach to fitness and nutrition.

 “CHAMPIONS is an incredible program that our kids love being part of. The opportunity for our kids to be active while learning games and skills is a great reinforcement of what we do in our P.E. classes”   – Laurie Cox, Elementary P.E. Teacher

 A recent study was conducted on the efficacy of the CHAMPIONS program in changing anthropometric measures. Anthropometric measures can include height, weight, BMI and body fat. Children who participated in the program ranged in grades from kindergarten through the eighth grade. Specific physical education classes were designated to participate in the CHAMPIONS program.

During their PE class, participants in CHAMPIONS went through a three circuit program each day; two of them were exercise circuits and one was a tactical game play circuit. The tactical game play circuit focuses on the strategic decisions made during game play in an effort appreciated games as problem solving events. On the other hand, the children in the control PE class participated in “normal” PE activities.

Measurements were collected four times over the span of a school year. In late April, the last measurements were taken from the participants.  The findings indicated a more positive trend for weight control and fitness in the CHAMPIONS program than a parallel traditional program of exercise in ordinary children.

Along with the positive scientific findings provided from the study, the students, as well as the teachers, enjoyed other benefits from CHAMPIONS. The varying daily curriculum allowed participants to stay engaged and energetic. “CHAMPIONS gives you a fun way to learn new exercises while interacting with others and having fun with your friends,” said John Riley Bohnstengel, an 8th grader at Montford Middle School, FL.

“The CHAMPIONS program has provided my students with disabilities a fitness program that addresses the unique needs of each student and celebrates successes instead of focusing on the disabilities” – Pam Jameson, Elementary P.E. Teacher for exceptional students


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