The Champions Program

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CHAMPIONS is a prevention-driven health and wellness program delivered to the public school student population, grades K-8. This comprehensive program is based on principles and techniques designed to improve gross motor skills, flexibility, posture, strength, balance and coordination using a long-term physical development approach to fitness and nutrition.  Modeled after collaborative, community based wellness initiatives, our mission is to bend this trend by encouraging a lifestyle of regular physical activity and healthy choices.

The CHAMPIONS program was launched in 2006 with ten schools in Leon County (Tallahassee, FL) through a community partnership with a local HMO, Capital Health Plan.  In its fifth year, the program has expanded into three additional north Florida counties and three Delaware counties; now being delivered to 55 schools.  The CHAMPIONS model is outcome-driven and has proven to be effective in consistently normalizing BMI over a five-year period for a student population that exceeds 25,000 students.  It has gained national attention from both the Alliance of Community Health Plans and the Nation’s ‘Let’s Move!’ initiative.

This summer we have been working hard getting ready for the upcoming school year. We have rewritten the workouts for each grade level, and added in over 30 tactical games.  Since the program is outcome-driven, the children are tested at the beginning and end of each semester.  Our database is now up and running so the kids can actually log on and see their testing scores for as long as they have been with the program.  The database allows them to compare their performance to other kids in the program as well as measure their school with any other school in the program.

If you would like to enroll your child in the CHAMPIONS program it is never too late! Enrollment forms are available at your child’s school or visit for additional information.  If your child is in Middle School, the program is offered during their Physical Education class.

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